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Things to know about…

  • Customers are able to pay the funds either by electronic transfer (from the customer bank account) to the CurrencyCo client funds account or by taking cash into any one of our 8 branches around the UK. Please refer to the Contact Us page for the address details of our branches
  • There may be costs on the receiving side which are outside our control
  • The time that it takes to transfers differs between countries but generally it takes 24 hours (but need to allow for time differences in receiving countries). Note payments to China take 2 working days
  • The service is only available to UK based sending customers

Registration and finding out about our money transfer process:

  1. Register :All first time customers need to register with us at one of our branches or online before they can process a transaction.
    1. Personal CustomersComplete and submit the online registration form (just click on the Register button above) – we will need a few basic details about you – such as your name, address and email and/or telephone. One of our experienced staff will then contact you to explain our quick and easy transfer process.
    2. Business and charity customersWe will let you know what information we need you to provide.

      Please contact us during office hours at customerservice@i-payworldwide.co.uk or call us on 0207 287 7112 and
      0207 287 7116.

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